Unfortunately, on-site childcare will not be provided.

Please contact registration.berlin@mci-group.com. A cancellation at short notice is only possible without a refund. If a colleague can take your place, you can change the name on the registration documents for a processing fee. We advise to take out a seminar insurance.

Please send your verification (as a pdf or jpeg file) via e-mail to registration.berlin@mci-group.com or via fax to +49 30 2045950. In case the verification has not been sent prior to the congress, it must be presented on-site. Otherwise, entry at a reduced price cannot be guaranteed.

We do offer reduced participation fees. Please check if you are eligible on the registration site. We do not offer further discounts or procure sponsors.

Reimbursement is possible if you cancel your participation according to our terms and conditions and within the specified deadlines. In case of cancellation of participation by 10 December 2018, registration fees will be refunded. A handling fee of €35 per person will apply. The registration is non-refundable after the aforementioned date. Alternatively, we can change the name on the registration for a processing fee of €10.

You will receive a reimbursement form from us after the congress. We kindly ask you to send us the ORIGINAL receipts of your tickets (train ticket / air ticket / hotel invoice etc.) via post to:

MCI Deutschland GmbH
Markgrafenstr. 56
10117 Berlin

Reimbursement is only possible with original receipts. Invoices of travel agencies or copies of the receipts are no acceptable by German law.

Changes can be requested by replying to the confirmation e-mail. Please attach a payment authorisation, since your personal payment data will not be retained when you register online.

Evening programmes are tied to a minimum number of participants. Thus, a cancellation refund is not possible.

Is it possible that our automatically generated e-mail ended up in your spam? If you cannot find it there, please contact registration.berlin@mci-group.com to request a new copy. The registration confirmation is a valid invoice that meets tax authorities’ requirements.

For a fee of €10 we can make amendments to the invoice address. Please contact registration.berlin@mci-group.com

None of the presentations will be recorded during the congress.

Your certificate of attendance will be sent to you by e-mail after the congress.