Beate Kehrel is Associate Professor of the Westf. Wilhelms University Muenster. She has published more than 100 predominantly top ranked papers in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis that have been cited together over 8000 times. Beate Kehrel received several prestigious academic awards. She is primarily a basic scientist but aims to take what’s learned in basic research and applies that in the development of solutions to medical problems, leading her to the invention of several patents.

Her areas of research include platelet function in and outside of haemostasis, anti-platelet drugs, thrombocytopathies, mechanism of joint damage in haemophilia and haemophilia treatment. Another focus of her basic but also translational research is the role of disturbed extracellular proteostasis, leading to protein misfolding and aggregation and its interactions with haemostasis, thrombosis and fibrinolysis.